At Criterion Solutions, we appreciate that our customers have unique problems for which they require individualised solutions. Our team of security cleared personnel, in conjunction with our partners, provide our customers with the right solutions to meet their requirements across the intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and information technology domains. We offer end to end and turnkey solutions using niche technologies and capabilities that give our customers the edge that they are seeking.

P3 ISR Network by Criterion Solutions is a lightweight, robust and vendor agnostic ISR distribution and processing system. It can be easily integrated with a range of devices to link in-field ISR end points to provide secure real time back to base distribution of ISR content for enhanced situational awareness.
Criterion Solutions helps clients understand and meet their capability requirements with unbiased, independent advice and services across all areas of the UAV/UAS/Drone industry. Our team of experts has a wide range of experience including design, development, fielding, training, maintenance, operation, and regulatory approval.
DroneTracker by Dedrone is the first affordable solution to effectively protect your airspace from airborne threats. DroneTracker reliably detects and identifies drones flying within an exclusion zone, notifying you in real time via SMS, email or other methods. DroneTracker can be fixed to buildings or used as a mobile capability for one-off or specialist use.
QRC specialises in Passive and Active fully autonomous survey devices for Cellular Communication Networks. QRC products cover GSM, CDMA, EVDO, WCDMA, WiMAX, and LTE protocols. Their products can be used for network discovery, competitive analysis, mission preparation, and optimisation.
The Ethereal Capital HashBox is a powerful range of rack mounted GPU servers, capable of extreme password cracking hashrates. The T800 comes pre-installed with the required software in a 4U rack mounted server and supports nearly 200 algorithms. Multiple NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPUs produce monster password hashing rates, powered by four redundant 1600W PSUs for assured dependability.
Prox Dynamics’ mission is to develop, produce, and sell the world’s smallest unmanned aircraft systems. They create innovative solutions based on modern micro electronics, new sensor technology, creative aerodynamics, and efficient low cost production techniques.
Knowmadics Inc.’s SilverEye is a multiple operating platform solution for Location, Tracking and Communication. SilverEye seamlessly integrates data from disparate sources – such as video, audio, still cameras, UGS – and location updates from fielded devices such as critical infrastructure protection alarm and warning devices.
Prioria Robotics is an unmanned systems company dedicated to making UAVs smarter. Prioria believes that a smart UAV is more useful, more efficient and improves the lives of their customers. Prioria delivers cost-effective and innovative solutions to military, civilian, and commercial users.